THE HOT 100 Benefit Auction - the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

THE HOT 100 features 100 top, international, emerging artists with artworks priced under $10,000. Proceeds from THE HOT 100 auction will go to environmental and humanitarian charities supported by the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, aimed at raising awareness for climate change and environmental issues, dedicated to protecting Earth’s last wild places and fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world.

j.frede : Fiction Landscape no.06 - 2013

My work available for purchase in the auction is Fiction Landscape no.06

more about this series here: 
The Fiction Landscapes are a continuation in my interest in memories, both secure and lost within objects, which I first addressed with my Heirlooms body of work in 2012. The Fiction Landscapes are made with banal photographs of landscapes I purchase at flea markets then arranging them into new landscapes by aligning in such a way that the scene continues from photo to photo spanning wide geographic locations and decades. I feel that with a photograph that is lacking a focal point such as a family member or specific location IE: the destination of the trip, then the photo is something of a placeholder for what was happening in the photographers life at that moment. For instance that point and shoot photo of a hill side on a road trip, which we have all taken at some point, will call back the trip as a whole and memories of the trip or that time in your life that are completely unassociated with the uninteresting and un related hillside that happened to fly past you as you rode in the car or stopped at a rest stop. Once these photos with no discernable direction have found themselves in a bin at the flea market these ambiguous photographs and their secret associations with memories are lost forever. Arranging these into new landscapes that never existed speaks to the stitching together of human behavior and how we relate to time and the past: How many people have stopped at that rest stop and taken nearly the same photo of the plain hillside? All locking their own associations into the view, first road trip with a new love; last road trip to see grandma; one of many road trips alone.

Booming Dunes : a study in thirty five parts

Booming Dunes : a study in thirty five parts

j.frede : Kelso Dunes - March 28 2014 - no.01 from j.frede on Vimeo.

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Reductions and Portraits

An essay on my Reductions series is up on the Huffington Post. 

"Time is both incredibly reliable and very predictable. Our sense of its measure depends on what we happen to be aligning on either end. Byproducts of our sense of time are eternity and the temporary, both, like the idea of time itself, are just ways for us to try and understand what is happening around us.

A mountain range feels eternal, but in reality has not been around long in the sense of the earth’s creation and likely will not be here at some point as the earth continues to churn, shift and fold like a grandmother wringing her hands in habit. The super continent Pangaea certainly would have felt like a landmass so great and impenetrable that its time was endless, but in reality even Pangaea was temporary and faced mortality through its breaking up. These life cycles or time frames of existence run harmoniously side-by-side: from insects that only live a few days, to humans, to the mountain ranges in a continuation, either in form or formlessness depending on their fate.

The Reductions series comes out of my interest in the end, represented in this case by the discarding of utilitarian objects that at some point were cherished or at least appreciated for their abilities while used daily. Their demise or changing of hands is a mystery in most instances, as many seem fully functional albeit visually worn. We can’t know if they were replaced by a newer version of themselves, smaller, bigger, or if their owners had merely eliminated a need the pieces had previously addressed.

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j.frede & Joshua Petker : Support Systems

March 23 – April 27, 2014
Opening reception: Sunday, March 23, 2014, 7–10PM

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2A Gallery is very pleased to present a two-person show of work by j.frede & Joshua Petker entitled Support Systems opening Sunday, March 23, 2014 from 7–10PM and running through April 27, 2014. This exhibition combines Reductions sculptures by j.frede and paintings of chairs from artist Joshua Petker, as well as a collaborative work that combines their two practices.

It can be argued that an object’s worth is dependent on desire, and its value varies depending on its perceived desirability. In the most basic sense, objects have utilitarian and aesthetic components. The weight of either of these components is also variable, but it’s safe to say that function and appearance are key to the value of an object. When either of these attributes fades, the object moves towards its end. 

The works in Support Systems exemplify ways structures we rely on for support often break down. Sometimes the progression of failure is slow; cracks appear and seams begin to separate. Objects made by man to make life easier or more comfortable – some cherished as valuable, some overlooked for decades, many used daily to assist us – often have the shortest lifespan. As we try to force these structures back together they continue a path towards an ultimate end, and without intervention the final result will indeed be this end. Taken as metaphor, the works by j.frede and Petker speak to the greater themes of dejection and mortality.

j.frede was most recently an artist in residence at the National Center for Contemporary Art in Kronstadt, Russia, where he created a new body of work ranging from paintings and sculpture to drawings and video. His work has been presented in the United States and Europe at such institutions as Museum of Contemporary Art Denver; Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art; Soundvision Gallery, Portland, OR; Phantom Galleries, Long Beach, CA; Ausland, Berlin; Machine Project, Los Angeles and Berkeley Art Museum.

Joshua Petker is currently an MFA candidate at California Institute of the Arts, Valencia. He received his BFA from The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA in 2002. He has had solo exhibitions at Shooting Gallery, San Francisco; LeBasse Projects, Culver City, CA; and Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles. He has also shown at ACME Gallery, Los Angeles; Ré Écrire, Paris, France; Bristol City Museum, England; and White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 

2A Gallery is located at 400 S Main St #2A, Los Angeles, CA 90013 on the second floor of the San Fernando Building. Founded in August 2013, 2A Gallery is an independent artist/curator-run project designed to utilize a particularly unique space as a venue for creative production and exhibition. 2A Gallery occupies a small office space in a renovated downtown building. Each exhibition has an opening and closing reception. Otherwise, the space is open by appointment by emailing or calling 213.924.3472.

Image: (Left) Joshua Petker, Chair on Blue, 2012. Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches. (Right) j.frede, Blue, 2013. From the Reductions series.

Composition for Navigation (excerpt)

j.frede : music for ice ports


I am pleased to announce my first album in 10 years; j.frede : music for ice ports.

Recorded and composed during my time at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Kronstadt, Russia. This album is a collection of the field recordings I made with a Sony PCM-50 recorder and compositions made using an old Russian piano that was at the NCCA Residency studio and a vintage toy accordion I purchased at a flea market in Saint Petersburg.

There is also a PDF booklet with descriptions of each tracks origins and photos assocated with the recording.


My Action film “After Malevich” is being shown today in Kronstadt, Russia as part of the ACHROM SYMPOSIUM. more info here: 

j.frede : After Malevich - Kronstadt, Russia from j.frede on Vimeo.

Russian Landscapes

Here are a few photos from a series titled Russian Landscapes. These are portraits of chunks of ice on the frozen Baltic Sea their scale deceives us making them feel like landscape photographs of arctic mountains. 

These photographs were created during my time as Artist in Residence at the National Center for Contemporary Art in Kronstadt, Russia (Saint Petersburg) in the beginning of 2014. | | |

A Roaming Stone

"A captain steps upon his ship, leaving land at his back. His feet grip the wooden deck, wood that once stood as trees grasping the very soil he abandons, for what could be an eternity in the swells of the world’s oceans. There is one bit of earth he has not forsaken, for in his fist he grips a small piece of land no sailor should be without, a mass so reliable it sent sailors around the world for centuries, and with its mystical power also returned them home…. " read the complete article here

j.frede - 2014